Dec 11, 2020

Mediocrity is programmed into us.

The causal factor can be traced down to the systems that target our reward systems when our neuroplasticity is at its highest.

The education system is very slow and difficult to optimize because of its bureucratic nature, and largely rewards qualities such as conformity, agreeableness and obedience.

This crude form of education will gradually be replaced with a modular, self-correcting open system that focuses on rewarding people for implementing solutions to real-world problems.

Global networks such as Hack Club, combined with platforms like Khan Academy represent the future of formal education.

It is very likely that the reward system in our brain itself is a bottleneck when it comes to overcoming the mediocre human condition. In a situation like this, open and collaborative global networks that generously reward creative problem solving have a high probability of coming up with the required technological solutions to augment our current physical limitations.