Sep 17, 2021

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On asioiden luonnollinen järjestys
Oranssi Pazuzu - Vasemman käden hierarkia

Is "free society" an oxymoron?

Humans have a natural tendency to form hierarchies. A portion of the population is always driven by a desire to rule over the rest of the population. Governance systems are a natural consequence of this equally natural desire for power.

Society in the modern world is essentially based on a hierarchical governance system which is programmed to generate characteristics in the population which are beneficial to the system (eg. obedience). The "harmful" (eg. disobedient) population have their freedom taken away through coercion (eg. the prison system), while the behavior that benefits the system gets rewarded, contributing to the growth and survival of the system itself.

The level of freedom an individual has within the system is entirely dependent on how much the behavior of that individual aligns with whatever is beneficial to the survival and expansion of the system. This constraint also applies to the people who are at the top of the hierarchy; the ruling elite may have higher levels of freedom compared to the people at the bottom of the hierarchy, but ultimately the one who rules is also a slave to the system, carrying out its functions and perpetuating its existence.

Freedom and liberty are becoming increasingly more important topics during these troubled times we live in. Let us not forget the wisdom that the sages of the past bestowed upon us! The pursuit for freedom, truth and knowledge shall never be extinguished from the hearts of men.